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Welcome to STEAM Legacy HS! The goal for this upcoming academic year is to support and accelerate student learning. Supporting and accelerating student learning means building relationships, setting high expectations, and committing to equity. This charge is a heavy lift that will require collaboration, communication, and on-going reflection. I look forward to creating opportunities for us to collectively flourish!

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Parking on Tweedy Lane


The Los Angeles School Police Department audited our site and starting Monday, November 13, 2023, LASPD will be ticketing all cars parked in the white zone in front of the Middle School and High School. Additionally, any car parked in the Red Zone will be ticketed before and after school as it is not a pick-up area.

This action is due to a review of the traffic, the need to allow emergency vehicles proper passage when necessary, and to stop students crossing the street to cars on the Red Zone.

Any visitors on campus may park on the white zone provided that they get a daily parking pass from the Welcome Center.


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Our Mission

Our Students will graduate from STEAM High School with the capacity to know and understand core academic content, think critically, solve problems, harness their artistic creativity, be innovative, communicate effectively, work collaboratively, and continue learning throughout their lives.
Nuestros estudiantes se graduaran de La Escuela Secundaria de STEAM con la capacidad de conocer y entender contenido académico básico, pensar críticamente, resolver problemas, aprovechar su creatividad artística, ser innovadores, comunicarse de manera efectiva, trabajar en colaboración y continuar aprendiendo durante toda su vida.